Base Architecture and Infrastructure for professional Business Apps.
Provides out-of-the-box many important Basis Functions that any Business App needs.

Why another Framework?

Complete Architecture and powerful infrastructure for professional businness apps.
Provides out-of-the-box many important base functions that any business app needs.
Connects Vaadin and Hibernate elegantly to each other and provides many useful add-ons.
Use an approved and standard-compliant base, safe a lot of valuable develop time and cost, avoid fundamental mistakes.
Lightweight, easy to use, free.

Based on the JavaSE. No JavaEE know-how required. No JavaEE application server required.
Runs in each servlet container, e.g. Tomcat.

Hibernate Vaadin Hibernate


The RapidClipse Framework provides you with a standard-compliant application base for building-up powerful, flexible and scaleable Java business apps in record time. Instead of technical low-level programming, you can concentrate on functional features.

Base Architecture

Standard-compliant and scalable 3-tier architecture with predefined separation of UI, business logic, data (entities) and adata access layer as a solid and scalable application basis for your individual business application.

App Infrastructure

Powerful application infrastructure with many important basic functions that every modern business application needs, e.g. authentication and authorization with user-dependend UI content, internationalization, UI recovery, and much more. Out-of-the-box available, stable and supported.

Data Binding

Type safe databinding layer for transferring any kind of beans (mostly JPA Entities) to any Vaadin UI component. Supports lazy-loading between server and database. Entity-bound containers reflect filter, sorting, and paging into the database. Supports Bean Validation (JSR-303) for entities (Model) and UI-layer.

Fully JPA Entity Lifecycle Management

Fully automatded Hibernate entity lifecycle and transaction management. Simplifies the use of Hibernate dramatically. No Hibernate expert know-how required. API for individual transaction handling allows professionals taking fully control at any time.

Lazy-Loading of all Layers

The RapidClipse framework provides a Vaadin container implementation that offers integrated lazy loading between the database and server and between the server and user interface simultaneously.


Master-detail API for fully automated filtering and showing data by using master-detail views containing List- and ComboBoxes, Tables Trees and Forms.

Filter API

Enables you to filter at model level (Vaadin Container), pre-defined filters, free text search, also ranges, filtering within the database.

GUI Persistence API

The UI persistence enables you to save the entire UI setup at any time for getting exactly the same UI setup after restarting the application.


String-resource management (property files) for the internationalization of individual views or the entire user interface.

Connection & Statement Pooling

Provides C3P0 as a standard implementation for parallel JDBC connection pooling, with support for caching and reusing of prepared.

Hibernate Second-level-Cache

To accelerate your database operations RapidClipse uses Ehcache as second-level-cache for Hibernate.

AA Framework


User authentication is enabled by default in RapidClipse via LDAP and database. Docking to existing database structures via mapping. Easy to use configuration wizard.


Enables you to ipmort data for permissions, roles and users from any data source, e.g. databases, LDAP and XML. Let's you connect permissions with your user interface in a simple way. The framework then takes control of the entire user interface construction, shows, hides, enables or disables all relevant controls automatically.


The RapidClipse Mobile-Kit is a Vaadin extension that gives hybrid mobile apps fully access to all important hardware and system functions of mobile devices. Thereby, RapidClipse enables you to develop innovativ IoT and Industry 4.0 apps impressive easily.

Device Info

Readout the device data, including manufacturer, model, operating system and version as well as the serial number of the device.

Device Buttons

Registration of pressed device buttons.


Access to the accelerometer of the device. This enables you to register a rotation or tilt of the device.


Lets you activate single vibration with variable duration as well as vibration patterns with individual duration and breaks.


Reading the current position of a device via length and width degrees as well as the hight above sea level. Tracking the position by dynamic data (direction & speed) is also possible


Querying the cardinal direction in degrees in terms of geographic, as well as on the magnetic north pole.


Readout the contact database, selecting, editing and saving contacts on the mobile device.

Local File System

Read access to the local file system of the mobile device.

Barcode Scanner

Access to all important barcode scanners, including: QR, Data Matric, UPC E/A, EAN 8/13, Code 128/93/39, CodeBar, ITF, RSS 14/Expanded, PDF417, MSI, Aztec.


Access to the photo and video function, front and back camera, direct transmission of images and videos to the server, storing on the mobile device as well as access to the local image.


Read and write NFC tags. This enables you to communicate with any RFID components, which is an important prerequisite for developing solutions for the Internet of Things.


Access to the Bluetooth interface, which still plays an important role in Industry 4.0 applications.

Sending SMS

Sending SMS messages enables you to develop great communication services.

Lightweight. Easy to use. Free.

Based on JavaSE

Based on the Java Standard Edition. No JavaEE know-how required. No JavaEE application server required. Runs in each servlet container, e.g. Tomcat.

Open Source

The RapidClipse Framework is released as open source under the AGPL license.

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