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All tools in one place

All preview and deployment variants can be found in the Quick-Launch window in one central location.

HTML5 web applications

As an HTML5/JavaScript web application, your application can run automatically in all popular browsers and on all platforms and devices. The program starts by entering a URL, just like accessing a webpage.


Hybrid Mobile Apps

RapidClipse lets you deploy your application as a hybrid mobile app for Android and iOS and make it available via the standard app stores or download link. Hybrid apps only install a very small part of the program permanently on the user's device. This native part is responsible for displaying the HTML interface as well as allowing the app to access to hardware and system functions of the device. The actual application runs on your server or in a cloud environment.

Java Desktop Applications

With RapidClipse, you can also deploy your application as a classic Java desktop application and deliver it via download link, Java Web Start, or CD-ROM for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems. The generated desktop application is a hybrid, consisting of a tiny native Java SWT application in which the standard browser of the respective system displays the web interface.

Client Server

A tiny native SWT app is executed on the client-side rendering the user interface. The actual application as well as the database run on your server or in a cloud environment.