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RapidClipse 12 is here!

With version 12, the big change to Vaadin 23 takes place. This version is also the last Vaadin version which can still be operated with a JRE version lower than 17. In addition, Vaadin 23 of course brings a number of great features and stability with it. Read all changes in the patchnotes. For the migration from RapidClipse 11 to 12 there is of course a migrationguide as always.

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Our features for Eclipse

For modern user interface design, RapidClipse was extended with an easy-to-use GUI builder based on Vaadin Web Components. For data access, we provide Hibernate tools. Optionally, data access via MicroStream with high-performance in-memory data processing is also possible. MicroStream not only provides maximum performance, but also simplifies and accelerates the entire database development process.

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HTML5 GUI-Builder

with Vaadin 23 web components. Impressive UI controls based on Google Web Toolkit. Design interfaces via drag and drop and connect them directly to the database.

Hibernate Tools

Hibernate Import Wizard, Hibernate Entity-Editor, error-free Data-Type Mapping for all major Databases, JPA-SQL enables you to write JPA Criteria Queries in SQL.



With JPA-SQL you are now able to formulate in SQL as usual. Java code is automatically generated in the background based on the JPA Criteria API.


Realize ultra-fast in-memory data processing with pure Java. Query time in microseconds. Low latency data access. Gigantic data throughput and workloads.

RapidClipse Framework

Base architecture and application infrastructure for professional business applications. Important basic functions that every business application needs, available out-of-the-box.


Cross-Platform Deployment

Deploy any project with just a few clicks. This enables you to make your application available for almost all platforms and devices.


Our Community

The RapidClipse community thrives on sharing and active exchange. The entire RapidClipse framework is open source and all projects are available on Github.

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Training programs

We currently offer four different training courses for RapidClipse - for beginners as well as for advanced users. Our training programs can also be booked as personal training or individual training for your team.

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Our Support

With a support contract, you receive professional support from our experts in any situation, as well as a bugfix guarantee that gives you great added value, especially in ongoing projects. With our FLEX support you get support without having to sign a support contract.

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RapidClipse Technology Stack

RapidClipse builds on proven and established open source industry standards that have been in use for years. So everything runs rock solid, efficient and secure.

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RapidClipse is royalty-free, the entire framework is open source. Create a free account to download RapidClipse for your system. Your account gives you access to the latest updates and, in the future, to videos and webinars.