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RapidClipse – The Eclipse Distribution for Rapid Cross-Platform-Development with Java

All of the essential tools and plugins are preinstalled, preconfigured and optimally matched to each other. No more annoying and time-consuming Eclipse configurations. Just install & get started.


New in Version X

  • Latest Eclipse version 2019-6
  • Completely new written UI-builder based on Vaadin 14 and Web-Components
  • Completely new written RapidClipse Framework
  • New databinding
  • MicroStream integration

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Run your application on all major platforms.

With RapidClipse X you can run your applications in the browser, and also as a progressive web-app on mobile devices and on the desktop.


Web / Mobile / Desktop / Cloud

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Use the new W3C UI standard of the future already today

RapidClipse X provides you Web-Components - the UI standard of the future.
Create beautiful web-frontends that finally run in all major browsers perfectly.

Why Web-Components?

  • New W3c standard for UI components
  • Framework-independent UI components
  • Can be included with common HTML tags
  • Better performance
  • Improved responsive behaviour
  • Improved SEO suitability
  • Supported by all major browsers
  • Longer life-cycle of web-frontends than ever before

Why Vaadin?

  • The entire web-frontend can be written in pure Java
  • Generates the entire web-client dynamically
  • Fully automated client-server communitcation
  • You do not get in contact with HTML and JavaScript and you need not bother for DOM manipulation, browser history and other low-level problems.
  • The serverside architecture provides optimally security
  • The new Vaadin widgets are Web-Components
  • Provides beautiful themes
  • Individual styling with CSS

Why RapidClipse UI Builder?

  • Create any UI frontend by using drag-and-drop many times faster than writing Java code
  • No Java know-how required
  • Generates well structured XML and Java code
  • Allows declarative and bidirectional UI development
  • Databinding - Connect your UI with your entities by using drag&drop
  • Powerful filter component
  • Form wizard for generating forms automatically
  • Master-detail views
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Internationalization & Localization
  • UI persistence


Optimized Hibernate Tools

The powerful RapidClipse Hibernate-Tools simplify the entire database development process with JPA & Hibernate enormously

  • Error-free Hibernate import and generating entity-classes
  • Error-free data type mapping for all major databses
  • JPA-SQL query editor - Write SQL, get JPA Criteria code
  • Fully automated transaction and entity lifecycle management without the need of using Java EE


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RapidClipse Framework

Complete architecture & infrastructure as a solid base for your application,
many major base functions available out-of-the-box. Simplifies the entire application
development process with Vaadin and Hibernate and saves a lot of valuable development time.

  • Databinding Vaadin <> Hibernate
  • Data-Access Layer (DAOs) and frequently uses mehtods (Find-all, Find-by-example, Reataching, etc.)
  • Fully automated transaction and entity lifecycle management without using Java EE
  • Navigatio layer
  • Lazy-loading
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Generic filter API
  • UI persistence
  • Hibernate second-level cache with Ehcache
  • Connection pooling with C3P0
  • Security features
  • Based on Java SE (Standard Edition)
  • No JavaEE know-how required
  • Open Source
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RapidClipse X Technology Stack

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